Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday October 31, 2018

The full transcript of our meeting this week can be found on our Slack channel. @joshuawold led this week’s meeting.

The design team meeting will be changing to 19:00 UTC from next week to accommodate daylight savings.

Gutenberg usability testing

@sarahjames gave us a walkthrough of the Gutenberg testing she’s been working on. There will be a blog post coming about this but you can follow along in Slack archive.

Automattic design award

A reminder was made of the Automattic design award which is accepting entries.

Upgrading to 5.0 and handling the Gutenberg plugin

We went through this ticket together and ended up as a team going through feedback and work towards a solution. You can follow along the outcome in the ticket as Joshua added an update today.

Thanks to everyone attending the meeting. If you have anything to add, please feel free to post in our Slack channel or in the comments below.