Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday October 24, 2018

Following are notes taken from our meeting, you can read the full Slack log, or just catch the highlights below. Tammie Lister led out and Joshua Wold took notes.

Trello cleanup

For the past few months we’ve been using Trello to manage design tasks that don’t fit into Trac or Github. Well, it’s gotten a bit complicated. There’s currently 14 columns. Tammie proposed reducing those down to 5 columns: inbox, backlog, doing, done, contribution day tasks. Then, any design resources could make their way into the handbook. At the end of each month we could then post here with a list of the things that got done. A good way to keep track of things!

This isn’t final, so if you have any feedback please jump in with comments! We’ll likely circle back tomorrow to decide on this. 

Updates in Trello

We closed out a few items that were sitting in Trello for a while: Privacy badges and php meeting. We can always reopen these if progress picks back up. 

Also, for the style guide issue further progress is planned, but has slowed down a tad due to Cathi having less availability. However, her progress updates have been awesome! Appreciate that she’s kept this going.

Trello Inbox

There were no new items in our Trello inbox. That could be a great thing, or an indication of needing to look at a new process. We’ll keep an eye on that. For me personally (note taker) it’s been hard to get used to dropping things into Trello, even though I take a look at it every week. Hoping this new structuring will make that easier! If you’re not sure just drop something into the inbox and we can discuss it. 

Gutenberg usability testing

Sarah James shared last week the work that’s been done in Gutenberg on usability testing. Highly recommend checking this out if you’re interested in Gutenberg or user testing, or both! 

Feedback needed

If you help organize WordCamps we’d love some insights on the following Gutenberg blocks:

Written in Gutenberg. Yay!