Design meeting notes for October 10, 2018

The full transcript of our meeting this week can be found on our SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel. For this week we had no housekeeping or inbox items to discuss. Great progress!

Open floor

We started out asking folks to bring up items to discuss. Sarah James jumped in with some exciting news (we then ended early after that great conversation). 

User Testing

Overview: @sarahjames completed a round of user testing that focused on the publisher flow experience. This included 5 unmoderated tests, focused on asking users to go through a preflight checklist tasks for publishing. A quick overview shows great reception, with a system usability score of 85.5 for the tasks that were asked of users.

The scenario: Imagine you are an editor for a fictional travel magazine and you need to publish some articles to you blog. For this user test, users were asked to go through a checklist of items they’d need to do before publishing.

Next steps: Sarah will go through the videos that were generated from the study and create a report of findings to share with the team. In the meantime you can read about a previous round of user testing that was conducted.