Design meeting notes for October 3, 2018

The full transcript of our meeting this week, based on the previously posted agenda, can be found on our Slack channel.

Issue with Gutenberg callout in IE 11

We discussed an issue that was shared in the channel showing a display problem with the layout for the Gutenberg callout in the dashboard in the 4.9.8 WordPress release. Anyone wishing to look at the problem or validate the issue can jump into the newly related Trac ticket.

Calls for design

We jumped into Trello and discussed the existing calls for design. This is for any design related issues that don’t fit into the usual Trac or Github ticket systems.

  • Privacy badge@boemedia reached out to the privacy team for feedback on the badge that’s been created and is waiting for a response.
  • Design for on Design team – The learning team is looking at the best way to move the design forward for the “Learn” website, in efforts to have it believe more with the other sub pages of Some changes will likely be coming and support is needed to pull it into a new direction. They will be posting an update with more info on what’s needed.
  • Design for “Create a Website” on – Cathi Bosco shared an update and will plan to have an update on this in soon. The previous work on Create a Blog has been finished, which will help unlock this.
  • PHP meeting on Design team – This is being worked on actively, it’s uncertain if input/feedback is needed from the design team in general.

Open floor

We jumped into a few topics.

  • Contributing to WordPress – It’s important to be sharing the value of design contribution for WordPress. So many wonderful folks are helping with moving WordPress forward, sharing their stories, doing the actual work, and much more. If anyone is on the fence about talking about this (maybe at your local meetup, or at a WordCamp?) take a stab at it and jump in. You won’t regret it!
  • Showing readme info in the installed themes page – We discussed the potential of allowing theme creators to display additional information related to their theme in the admin installed themes page. Right now plugin authors are able to show a link to details about their plugin (linking to the appropriate plugin page). It would be helpful to find out what’s possible here, the next step will be for a ticket to get created identifying where this could go.
  • Tooltips in WordPress – A question was raised related to adding tooltips in WordPress and what’s available. A Trac ticket has been created, and as of now it looks like the work is covered. A new ticket may be opened specifically related to the discussion point about adding a new tooltip into WordPress. See Slack log.