Design meeting notes for September 5, 2018

The full transcription of this weeks meeting can be found in our Slack channel.

Introduction round

We start off with a brief introduction round: who is who? It’s been a while and this way new and old contributors get to know each other and each other’s background.

Contributing at WordCamps

What has been the experience of leading and attending the design table at contributor days at local WordCamps recently?

@karmatosed kicks of by posting a few talking points:

  • Is splitting design from other teams useful?
  • What should we change ‘now’ based on experience?

The team shares some recent experiences and @karmatosed suggest creating guidance for leading contributor day, but at the same time keeping different cultures, knowledge and skillsets of designers present in mind. A lot of suggestions come up and we conclude with @karmatosed making a Trello action item with some ideas in it that we can work from.

Triage Inbox

See Inbox column on Trello board.

Finally, @joyously asks if we can maybe change the order of the agenda, so we can spend more time following up on older design requests.

Thanks again to everyone who actively participated in this week’s meeting. Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments of this post.