Design Meeting Notes for August 22, 2018

Today’s meeting agenda was a bit light, so we opened did open hours to allow for folks to chat about anything specific items. You can also read the Slack chat log.

Open Floor:

Designing “Create a blog” pages on

@cathibosco asked for feedback on the latest page designs for “Create a Blog”, great job Cathi! We discussed the pages that have been created so far and had some ideas for improving readability and breaking up the long (but important) copy on the pages. If you’re interested in giving feedback feel free to jump in!

Trello cards

We discussed several of the Trello cards briefly, but didn’t have a major update.

Contributor Day

@EstelaRueda asked for some ideas as she is planning for Contributor Day at WC Nijmegen next week. We discussed some great analog ways to get folks prototyping and sketching as they contribute to current design needs in WordPress. You can checkout the Slack chat to jump to that section. Specifically speaking for this event it was recommended to focus on improving the handbook for design.

And that’s it for today. If you want to get involved feel free to jump into Slack and weigh in. We’d love to have you!