Design Meeting notes for August 8, 2018

In keeping with the loose structure, we spent the meeting focusing on a topic of the week and open floor.

Topic: the Design Team Handbook

Problem: a lot of information is there but not always where people expect it, or presented in a way that’s not easy to digest, or with labels people don’t understand.

@boemedia has begun work on a content audit of the 45 or so existing pages. This review will determine:

  • is it there? if not -> add content
  • is it in the right place? if not -> restructure
  • is it presented the right way? if not -> rewrite

@hugobaeta suggested that making the structure more visual might help us to audit and update too.

@karmatosed will get people to help at WordCamp Brighton too.

Others, please weigh in on this async after reviewing the Trello card.

Open Floor: Gutenberg

@kjellr is working on a pending update of the Gutenberg design handbook. Feedback welcome.

Note that this is geared towards people designing for Gutenberg — either contributing to the project, or designing a custom block.

@karmatosed: Gutenberg feedback is being processed. Now is a great time to jump in and leave design reviews.

There are several ways to test, and you don’t need a local install:

  1. Say Hello to the New Editor
  2. Frontenberg, a frontend instance of Gutenberg with some restrictions so that anybody can test it out!
  3. Testing Gutenberg: A playground to test out the latest Gutenberg releases directly on the front-end.