Design Meeting Notes for July 11, 2018

For all the details, see the conversation in Slack

This week we’re trying a more simplified agenda. This setup should allow us to have more space for everyone’s input. The aim is more discussion and interaction.

  1. Trello inbox
  2. Trello Calls for design: follow up on current projects
  3. Topic of the week
  4. Open floor

Trello Inbox triage

  • nothing new this week

Calls for Design: follow-ups

@estelaris is having a hard time uploading the infographic native files (.ai) to the training GitHub. She requests help after the meeting.

Topic if the Week

The topic of the week will be something we’d like to spend some extra time on. Nothing for today, but will be Onboarding next week

Open Floor

  • people were not sure what to bring up here, but note that it’s ok to bring ideas and concepts to the table that are brand new.
  • reminder about existing cards in Trello: if you see a project on the Trello board you’d like to work on but but status is unclear, check with the person on the card (either there or here in Slack.) They may not have updated it, or have been really busy and would love some help.
  • Filling the time with ticket triage was suggested, but not everyone wants to dive into triage and we already have a separate meeting for that.
  • Don’t forget the triage training for designers happening on Aug. 6, 2018