Design meeting notes for June 20, 2018

Transcript of the whole meeting can be found in our Slack-channel.

Triage Inbox

Calls for design: follow-ups

  • @cathibosco has done some really nice work on the design for a ‘create a blog’-page for the Growth Council. We’ve discussion the fact that the page has a lot of content, due to lists. This makes the page very long. We’re exploring the possibilities of using Javascript accordion and will contact the meta team for this. @karmatosed addresses this has quite a few usability and accessibility issues that should be considered.
  • Next card discussed was the design for pages as requested by the training team. @Andi has done some nice mockups for new pages.
  • Also, @estelaris has worked on the Github infographic for the training team, explaining the workflow. WCEU contributor days provided new insights for this call. @foletto and David Needham discussed the design and workflow with Estela and gave her lots of feedback, which resulted in a new design and recommended an simpeler version. The Trello card will be updated accordingly.


Design team related

  • Thumbs up to all those who spoke or contributed at WordCamp Europe last week! – Both @joshuawold and @karmatosed did a workshop/presentation.
    Besides this, @joshuawold and @boemedia lead the design table on contributor day. WiFi was down but we were able to do some work on Trac tickets with laptop sharing, and we did some ui/ux sketching ideas, as well as discussed improvements to the admin. A few additional things as well.
    It was a great day! So many amazing people joined in. A full blogpost about contributor day’s design table will follow soon in this channel 🙂


@karmatosed briefly updates the design team with the current state of Gutenberg. For those who didn’t attend WCEU, the team is currently working towards being functional complete. This should happen in a few weeks. The MVP (minimum viable product) list can be found on Github. After that, the team moves into a bug fixing frenzy. If anyone wants to get involved right now, please use the feedback form included in the plugin. If all goes well, 5.0 will go into beta in August.

If time allows, follow-up on older cards

  • @jayman has spoken to @schlessera on the php/servehappy project at WCEU. They’re on the same page and design work for this will be continued tomorrow. Also, Alex Denning was asked for a content review of this page.
  • @joyously expresses her concern for #43986
    There was a brief discussion about the UX for this php notification and we’ve put the ux-feedback tag back on to get more eyes on the ticket, as currently, mainly the UI is discussed.

Thanks all who attended the meeting. If you have anything to add to these notes, please feel free to add this in the comments.