Design meeting notes for June 6, 2018

The full transcript of this meeting is can be found on Slack.

Triage Inbox

  • nothing new this week

Calls for Design

Infographic of Training Team workflow

  • estelaris shared a first draft for feedback, the graphics are not final
  • The goal is very specific: explain to a non-designer, non-programmer user how the training workflow moves in a very simple language, like e explaining concepts like fork, commit, etc.
  • idea from joshuawold: provide showing that flow applied. Maybe a separate step though

Disable Install Plugin button for PHP required version mismatch 

  • joyously: It just feels to me like the existing patches are making it more difficult for the user.
  • discussion ensued

Future private posts listed as already published with future date specified 


WordCamp Europe

  • NOTE that the 6/13 session of this meeting will be canceled (though the channel is always available for discussions)
  • Some of us (@boemedia @joshuawold et al.) will be working at contribute day, why not open the channel to see who is available to help out? This might happen…

InVision Studio

  • There’s a possibility of getting InVision Studio access for Design Team work
  • Looks exciting but ramping up and adjusting workflows could take some time.
  • It could be a huge benefit to those of contributors can’t pay a pricey license to create.
  • Any Linux version? Likely will be able to use Wine or something similar.

If time allows, follow-up on older cards

Design templates of wp-admin for plugin developers on Design team 

Roadmap – Plan to handle bigger communication projects

  • tammie: Maybe the next meeting after WCEU devote half of it to working out the next focus and getting some actual dates and breakdown?
  • joshua: take care of what’s urgent, but still not forget the important stuff
  • mel: need to have a bigger picture of all ongoing projects