Design meeting notes for Wednesday May 9, 2018

From this week on, the weekly design meetings occur on Wednesday 17.00 UTC. You can find this week’s design meeting transcript here on Slack, or jump to different topic discussions by using the links in the document following.


Triage Inbox

Calls for design

  • PHP Meeting is revived
    It was a bit confusing, since this ticket asked for both design feedback on the widget that will appear in the WP-admin dashboard, as well as the page the widget leads to.
    From @flixos90: I’m not sure if this fits in your meeting today, so please let me or the #core-php channel know when there’s time for it. We’re also around to help with contextual questions of course. For feedback, please comment on the meta ticket for the page
    We discussed this call for design in today’s meeting, but it still needs some clarification: has core given feedback on the original design of February 2? Design questions are: What color is good? What icons to use? What illustrations could help?
    Should it match the rest of wp?
    Find the conversation on Slack:

Thanks everyone for lively conversations again! Hope to see you all again at next week’s meeting.