Design meeting notes for Thursday April 26, 2018

You can find this weeks design meeting transcription here on Slack, or jump to different topic discussions by using the links in the document following.


Design team related

  • On our about page for it says “pixel perfect designer.” Can we update that as it feels a little outdated?
    We discussed that this term is not very inclusive, and that it would be nice if we could convey “design” a little more broadly, since, besides the visual aspect, there’s also UX. After a short discussion, we decided on just ‘designer’ would do for now. New text is available on
  • What belongs in the Design Resources column of Trello?
    After an extensive discussion last week, we felt the need to give this a bit more attention. Initially we thought Trello would be a good place to store assets, but we revisited that idea. We talked about integrating Github, or go back to basis and use the handbook for both assets and resources. @hugobaeta joined the conversation and had some good ideas: If they are static assets – like logos, sketch pattern libraries, etc – they could live in handbook. If it’s a project-based asset – like a .org page redesign, etc – they could be in a repo.
    The team thinks it’s worth exploring a design Github repo under WordPress. @karmatosed will investigate how we can get one.
    We also tried to find out if we could extend the file types we can upload to our handbook, keeping version control and file management in mind. *Incoming:zip and psd were already possible. Added ai and sketch, and svg only for admins.” This means we can add assets to the handbook and keep that as a first to go for designers who want to contribute to the project.

Triage Inbox

See Inbox column on Trello board. Calls for design made via the Make blog, Slack, etc. should be transferred to Inbox each week, along with any new cards that need to be acknowledged.

  • Nothing today

Calls for design

See Calls for Design column on Trello board. Anything to be archived? Follow up on in-progress cards, etc.

  • There’s an in-progress one about Design templates related to the Design Resourced discussion above

Items labeled ready to be a meeting topic

Filter Trello board for ‘meeting’ label which means that some work has gone into the card, and we have enough detail to make a decision on it.

  • Nothing today

Requests to review existing tickets

Typically from Trac or GitHub

  • Nothing today

If time allows, follow-up on older cards

Filter Trello board for ‘needs discussion’ label. If none, triage any Trello cards that are not yet owned.

  • No time left

Thanks all for attending this weeks meeting and let’s continue on improving our structure and documentation for future reference. It’s not easy, but worth spending time on!

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