Design meeting agenda for Thursday 5 April, 2018

Hi all! The weekly design meeting will be this Thursday at 17.00 UTC (see it in your time). We’ll be discussing the topics below, but you can comment on this post to add additional meeting topics. Please join us on Slack.


Design team related

  • Quarterly Check in – What is the team’s one-sentence top priority right now (and what’s the ETA)? What struggles is the team having? What is one thing you are all proud of so far this year?

Triage Inbox

See Inbox column on Trello board. Calls for design made via the Make blog, Slack, etc. should be transferred to Inbox each week, along with any new cards that need to be acknowledged.

Calls for design

See Calls for Design column on Trello board. Anything to be archived? Follow up on in-progress cards, etc.

  • do any cards need discussion?

Items labelled ready to be a meeting topic

Filter Trello board for ‘meeting’ label which means that some work has gone into the card, and we have enough detail to make a decision on it.

Requests to review existing tickets

Typically from Trac or GitHub

  • no requests this week

If time allows, follow-up on older cards

Filter Trello board for ‘needs discussion’ label. If none, triage any Trello cards that are not yet owned.

  • what needs some attention?