Design meeting summary March 8, 2018

This is the design meeting summary of March 8, 2018 (Slack log)


Design team related

  • Have a topic per month for bigger communication projects (like onboarding, the handbook) to work on
    • We agreed there would be benefits — just need to figure out how to do it
    • Lots of discussion. Maybe we could throw a bunch of ideas in a Trello card and then talk about them next meeting? Card created.
  • Should Triage items from Inbox come after Housekeeping?
    • Some discussion to clarify that Inbox is a place to stick all the new things, so they can be acknowledged and triaged in the next meeting
    • Meeting Topic label means that enough thought has gone into the card and we have enough detail to make a decision on it.
    • Meeting skeleton was updated for future use
  • Add a Maybe Later label to Trello?
    • “I’ve seen a lot of tickets, even in Gutenberg, that we closed out because they weren’t right for this time. But we still have a great record of them and will often reference them again.” The new label will be added and we can see how that goes.

Calls for design

See column in Trello roadmap. Requests via the Make blogSlack, etc. should be transferred there each week.

  • WordPress logo usage style guide for WordCamps
    • Discussed at length last week and Maxim will summarize in the Trello card the conversation to make it easier to jump in
    • “some basic guidelines (don’t use the logo as a W in a wordmark, don’t remove the outer ring, don’t use a fauxgo, etc.) and then some examples of awesome wordcamp logos would rock”
    • “nothing has to be in stone but people crave a guideline”
  • Plugin headers and icons
    • Since Cathi added clear explanation, this one seems well on its way with room for many to participate
  • .org registration page
    • pretty old, @mapk will take a look and update
  • WordCamp design practices
    • “Maybe we could expand on it to provide some default templates people can use for WordCamp print materials?”
    • maybe helpful: design kit for WordCamps
    • @melchoyce will update this ticket

Items labeled ready for meeting discussion

Filter Trello roadmap for ‘meeting’ label

Requests to review existing tickets

Typically from Trac or GitHub

Triage items from Inbox

See column in Trello roadmap.

If time allows

Triage other columns or follow-up on older cards

See Trello roadmap