Design meeting summary February 22


Calls for design

Requests for feedback

  • PHP upgrade page – A design has been proposed for a new page. Clarifying questions were posted to the card to get more context. Any feedback is welcome! (
  • Gutenberg plugin compatibility testing – A design has been proposed for testing plugin compatibility with Gutenberg. She’d love feedback on the designs! Feel free to drop feedback into the Trello card. (
  • Featured image design – Already in progress but any feedback would be appreciated (
  • Jargon glossary – Work is in progress, feel free to give any feedback (

Designs ready to be implemented

  • New Slack bot – We want to create a bot to welcome new folks to the channel. We agreed that the proposed messaging from Michele looks great and she will proceed with reaching out to get it implemented. (
  • New Dashicon (no action needed from Design team) – A new icon was submitted for WordPress Coding Standards and it’s waiting fo to get finalized. We also chatted about some changes coming to Dashicons that may involve a 24px grid. (


  • There were no other existing Trac tickets to review, and no Triage items from the Trello inbox.
  • We also had a brief chat about the best way to do calls for design, we’ll circle around on this async and figure out ways to make it easier to make those more visible.