Design meeting notes Feb. 15

This is the design meeting summary of February 15, 2018 (Slack log)


  • @Karmatosed shared a new proposal for an onboarding team. If anyone has time to contribute there, please do.
  • We also discussed better ways to welcome new design people to this channel
    • team reps, come up with a standard answer when we see new people in the channel.@Boemedia suggested for instance, asking people to fill out their expertise in our google drive overview. And just let them know if they have any questions, they can address them here? Also point them to the meeting times?
    • Automatic Slackbot could be set up too. Usually something like:
      > Welcome to [Slack]! Here are some handy links to get started in our community: [Links]. If you have any questions, please ping [people]!
    • an automated welcome is worth setting up because it’s immediate, but team reps should follow up whenever possible too.
    • @mizejewski will draft a content and bring back to the group to finalize and be turned into a Slackbot

Calls for Design

  • No new calls, but Marketing team Jargon Glossary still needs a featured image, as well as a nicely formatted PDF. If you’re interested, comment on the card.

Items labeled ready for meeting discussion

Requests to review existing tickets

  • #41143 Theme/plugin editing by @xkon
    @melchoyce will leave a comment that the solution proposed looks good.

Triage items from Inbox

  • nothing this week

If time allows

Revisited Plan a “new contributors buddy system” 

  • There’s a central initiative to create a new central onboarding team with reps from various teams. Let’s see how this is executed and maybe archive this card when successful?

Revisited Consider planning a “WordCamp for Designers”

  • people like the cross-pollination of the big WordCamps, but a smaller, more specialized even could be great too
  • @Boemedia suggested the possibility of an online Design WordCamp, the way WordCampus does it?
  • We could think about setting up local/online events small scale and maybe (e.g. Global Translation Day) organized on the same day under one flag, to benefit from presenting it as a global event. Action for all: talk to local designers in own communities and see how we can initiate this on a small scale?