Design meeting notes Feb 8

This is the design meeting summary of February 8. 2018 (Slack log)

We pushed Housekeeping to the end this week, since @Karmatosed had an item but knew she’d be late.

Calls for Design

Marketing team Jargon Glossary needs a featured image, as well as a nicely formatted PDF. No one was able to jump on this immediately, but @Boemedia may revisit next week.

Items labeled ready for meeting discussion

Illustrations for requested by @cathibosco. Lots of feedback on increasing inclusiveness of illustrations and also about design specs.

Requests to review existing tickets

@Rileybrook requested feedback on Gutenberg issue Language around transformations inconsistent #4416. Consensus from roundtable was Transform into is more descriptive and easier to translate to other languages, as opposed to Turn into.

Triage items from Inbox

nothing this week


@Karmatosed shared the fact that the Design Team may soon have access to and InVision account. A shared tool like that will really help, so she’ll keep us posted on progress.

Also, the process for asking for feedback on an existing issue or ticket was clarified on Trello by @Mizejewski.

If time allows

We looked at Suggestions for Design Resources page on the Handbook. We talked about how to periodically review this for updates, as well as how to make it more usable/scannable. For example, links to WPTV with a short description rather than embedding videos.  Discussion will continue in the card, and we will review outcomes next week.