Design meeting summary February 1


This is the design meeting summary of February 1. 2018 (Slack log)

Team Reps were updated to cycle in some fresh faces.

Calls for design

Nothing discussed during the meeting, but see the related Trello column for the latest progress on recent calls. If you see something you want to help with, leave a comment.

Items labeled ready for meeting discussion

The card on improving the copy and layout of the grey box at the top of all Make/Design pages was archived as done.

We also discussed edits to clarify and finalize the How To Use This Board card and the labels. The Start Here column is now complete.

Requests to review existing tickets

  • ticket #40985 @melchoyce will comment: ask for a patch and some testing — also maybe create a new ticket for the help section
  • ticket #42778 @Boemedia commented: The design team discussed the solution given in @chetan200891 ‘s video and we all agreed to this being a really good solution. Looking forward to seeing the patch implemented!
  • ticket #596 @cathibosco commented: a lot of interest in completing the headers and getting designers to adopt a plug-in at an upcoming contributor day as well as online here too. The specs for the graphics can be found here:

Triage items from Inbox

No time today, but post-meeting @Boemedia and @Mizejewski discussed and moved the weekly meetings skeleton to the Team Structure column and created a Templates and style guides column for items like the featured image template the made by @Dotrex.