Design meeting summary January 11

This is the design meeting summary of January 11, 2018. (Slack log)

In attendance were: @karmatosed, @boemedia, @mapk, @cathibosco, @mizejewski, @melchoyce, @joshuawold

We discussed the following:

Trello triage
Because the Design Trello board is a road map, last week we discussed it would be good to triage the lists and see how we can improve the board as a general guidance for new and exsisting contributors to the WordPress design team.
We will triage a few lists each week.

This week, we discussed the following lists/cards:

  • In general, if people add cards, it would be good if they give them a little more explanation on what they want to accomplish. It’s also important that everyone who is assigned to a card, does update.
  • It should also be ok for people adding themselves to an issue and also ok removing themselves.
  • Anyone who wants but doesn’t have access to the design Trello board, please send a dm to @karmatosed or @melchoyce on Slack
  • List: Outreach
    The idea of reaching out to other communities came from the Community Summit. People were able to share resources, help each other out, and the relationship was pretty beneficial to both sides.
    A list of non-WordPress conferences was created on the Trello board, where we can save interesting conferences for designers.
  • List: Structure
    *Card: ‘Creation of resources for handbook’ was changed to ‘Suggestions of resources for handbook’ (moved to handbook-list). On this card, people can drop suggestions for the design resources pages in the design handbook. Please fill these up as with as much information as possible.
    Once added to the page, the suggestion should be moved to the Trello list ‘done’. (or do people get rights to add the resources to the page on themselves?) -> not decided on yet.
    *Card: Improve Grey (former blue) box
    @Mapk will add some info on the card, including more description and details to make it more understandable for new contributors
    Let’s make it better and find inspiration on other team’s pages.
    *Card: buddy system for new contributors
    This idea was created in July 2017, but never got followed up. From here, we started discussing the status of cards should be added. Therefore, cards should be labelled.
    Action: create label system for Trello cards
    Label suggestions:
    • In progress
    • Need discussion/meeting
    • Good first issue (or our wording of that)
    • Needs decision on next step?
    • Needs help

    *Card: Comprehensive list of contributing designers
    The idea of this was ‘leave no designer behind’. Right now it’s hard to know who is doing what. If they are lonely, if they need back up, if they are just rocking and we should shine a light on them.
    There’s a Google doc with details of design contributors. Let other design contributors fill this out and pass it around on Slack (action for @karmatosed?)

It was a great meeting, thanks everyone for actively attending.
Discussing the Trello board took longer than expected. Therefore, the other 2 topics on this week’s agenda will be moved to next week’s meeting on Thursday.
The call for design by Maja Benke will be discussed in Monday’s Triage session, 17:00 UTC.

@mapk ‘s call for design on illustrations and the About-page was discussed on meeting – the sequel. You can follow this discussion on Slack.

See you next week on Thursday, January 18 2018 18:00 UTC!