Design chat summary December 4th

Howdy! Below are the summary notes from our #design meeting this past Thursday.

Volunteers covering weekly meetings

We discussed the previous post for volunteers to help support the design meeting(s) @boemedia and @joshuawold will cover the Thursday meeting going forward. The definition of what the role entails was discussed, and we created a doc to outline responsibilities.

In the future we may automate some of this, but for now we’ll keep it manual.

We also still need 1-2 more people to help cover the weekly triage meetings. Right now we have a few folks who’ve volunteered on a part-time basis (@boemedia, @joshuawold, @jamestryon). It was also noted that one meeting a month could be devoted to looking at things like the Trello board and the Calls for Design post.

Plans for 2018

We briefly discussed the goals for the #design team in 2018, and a need for a better system to capture where the team can support the efforts of WordPress.

A few points we touched on:

  • Profile pages – they need some work
  • Seeing everything at once – It’s hard to see a clear overview of everything going on. The #design Trello board offers a potential for covering this, but shouldn’t be the only source of truth. We also discussed how mentoring, and changing the format in TrelloTrello Project management system using the concepts of boards and cards to organize tasks in a sane way. This is what the team uses for example: could help.
  • Helping other teams share what support they need – The big thing to crack is how to get teams to tell us what needs to be done. There’s a few things out there, such as the Trello board, and the Calls for Design post. It could help if someone volunteer to own either of these.
  • Getting started in #design – We briefly touched on the barrier to getting involved with design in WordPress. It’s hard. This is a general encouragement for anyone interested in helping with design.

Your help is valuable! If you’re wondering whether your support would make a difference, then the answer is yes!

Interested in helping out? Here’s a few Trello items that would love some attention!


There’s two meetings happening every week. If you want to help out in leading them let Tammie know, otherwise if you just want to be part of #design please jump in and join us. There’s a lot of excitement about getting more people involved in design. Let’s make 2018 awesome!