Page on Front “Lean UX Canvas”

Yesterday morning, I got together with @karmatosed to talk through Page on Front. We hopped on a call and went through a modified version of the Lean UX Canvas. We wanted to step back and wrap our head around who uses this feature and what kind of problems they have using it, and I wanted to test out how remote whiteboarding for coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. design could work.

You can check out the full, messy version on Mural, or you can click through to the full post and see a neat, curated version. 🙂

We’ve also created a text-only version if you’d prefer to review that way.


Now, some questions for y’all:

  • What are we missing?
  • Have we made and incorrect assumptions?
  • Do you have any anecdotes or data related to Page on Front you could share with us?
  • Do you have any more solution ideas and hypotheses?
  • Are there any “way out there” solutions you can think of (like chat bots)?
  • What other roadblocks do you foresee?

Thanks for reading through. 🙂