New handbook pages

I have taken some time to get the handbook including some new pages. The idea is we make it easier for contributions and also existing contributors.

Note: Please be aware this is very much v1 of these pages, if you have anything to add just let me know. Edits welcome 🙂

New pages

Summit new pages

In an attempt to document discussions and the community summit, I have created a section in our handbook. We may decided to not keep this, but so we do not lose topics this felt a good step. There are two sections:

Section adjustment

I have included a new section called ‘Design Guide’. This now contains all the handbook pages on styling and design across the project.

Help make these better

A way you can help is by adding anything you don’t see here as something you think we should have in our handbook. We now have an FAQ page, is there a question you think we should answer?