Some results from user testing the prototype Gutenberg Core Editor

During WordCamp London contributor day, Martin Lugton (@martinlugton), Johan Falk (@j-falk) and Lucijan Blagonic (@lucijanblagonic) created a user testing script to test the features of the Gutenberg editor. This is a guest post from them of their findings.

Issues observed:

  • When an image is aligned left or right just above the heading, the heading block encompasses the image block. Could probably be corrected with adding CSS to clear the floated element?
  • Adding links when no text is selected creates a link with no text. Maybe force the user to select something?
  • Dragging and dropping of blocks. In prototype 3, the user can drag and drop blocks. But this is only allowed if a user clicks on the left- or right-hand border of the block. Could we allow users to click and drag a block from its top or bottom border as well? Could we allow users to click and drag a block, just by clicking somewhere in its body?
  • Adding new block at the top of the page. Do we want to allow and facilitate this?
  • When adding new blocks, the user clicked on the HTML link instead of Paragraph.
    Could we rearrange the links in a more meaningful way? (Headings, Paragraphs, Images, Embed, Quote and HTML (last)).