🎯 Core Editor Meeting Notes 2017-03-23

Well, the development of WordPress Gutenberg feature plugin has begun. Lots of activity, Slack fun meetings, GitHub issues you should check out. Here’s the meeting summary for this week’s editor team meeting (agenda here) in #core-editor Slack channel.

  • Testing: Lots of tests done at WC London. Summaries will be posted and referenced on GitHub.
  • Plugin Dev: Gutenberg Editor plugin development has begun. Starting with the API. 🎉 — Catch up on this GitHub project.
  • API Discussion: This PR around the API doc is a good start to see the pieces 1 & 2.
  • Better Developer Documentation: Need to work on better dev documentation so the barrier to contribution gets lowered.
  • TinyMCE link boundary feature trucks on. Has some accessibility challenges, but those could be used for good (link).
  • Accessibility recommendations: A good ticket with accessibility recommendations we should keep in the back of our mind.

That’s about it, happy hacking! 🚀