Weekly chat agenda November 17

This week’s chat is happening Thursday November 17 17:00 UTC

This weeks agenda is currently:

  • Should we change meeting time for daylight saving?
  • WCUS coming up: what projects should we get the team to work on? A large portion of us are going to be there.
  • About page. @melchoyce do you need any of our help there?
  • Team reps: we currently have @hugobaeta and myself doing close to that role. Are there any objections to us both becoming reps and formalising what we do? The thinking here is this helps with points of contact and contribution days.
  • Community summit 2017 in Paris. There was a post about collating a list of things to bring up then working out who we wanted there. We should start on that list as deadline is December 20th.
  • Open floor.

If anyone has other tickets the needs attention or other matter for the meeting, feel free to leave a comment with it.

See you in the #design channel in Slack!