Design chat summary for August 18

This is the design chat summary on August 18. (Slack log).

In attendance was: myself, @michaelarestad, @foliovision, @mapk, @melchoyce, @jorbin, @helen, @westonruter, @remediosgraphic

  • I brought up the WordPress 4.7 Design Wishlist post, and @jorbin mentioned there are a lot of design-focused ideas on Helen’s post on make/core. Comment on one of the other, either is fine.
  • We decided to move the weekly chat time back to 17:00 UTC, starting next week.
  • @celloexpressions brought up a few tickets in the agenda comments that we discussed:
    • #34923 – Allow users to more seamlessly create page-based nav menus during customization – needs better wording for the link to edit a newly-published page. The discussion resulted in a consensus to actually remove the link.
    • #37661 – A New Experience for Discovering, Installing, and Previewing Themes in the Customizer – It needs a lot more UX thought, it wasn’t an easy ticket to talk during the chat as it’s quite intricate. If anyone wants to contribute some UX thinking there, that would be very welcomed!
    • #29158 – Customizer UI Design lacks contrast for visual hierarchy and does not match wp-admin – @celloexpressions believes it needs a strategy for back arrow hover/focus styles. in the conversation it became clear that the ticket is becoming too broad, and that some of the things in there needs a prototype for testing. Everyone agreed that the left-border blue indicator should be committed, and that the rest of the ticket should be broken up into smaller tickets.
    • #22058 – Improve custom background properties UI – he wanted us to focus on the last comment that mentions an idea of leaving these decisions up to the themes. The conversation went into a notion that these options are visualizing what the CSS is doing, not necessarily helping the user make a decision. Overall everyone feels that the solution in the ticket is a tad heavy and not really focused on the users. The conversation continued on the ticket itself.
  • @mapk asked for us to help out with some critique on the implementation of the screenshots portion of the plugin page on the new Plugins Repository (in beta). The generalized consensus was that the screenshots should be in order and include the description very clearly, as in current plugin directory they are used to guide users through the usage of the plugin mostly. Questions like “should this be a separate tab” were brought up as well. @melchoyce suggestion was for @mapk to step back and sketch other ideas and consider how both users and plugin developers are using and could use this.
  • We skipped @karmatosed Old Ticket Sweep (but, please, go through them in the chat agenda post!

It was a great and active chat! Thanks everyone for participating. Next week we’ll be moving to the new(old) meeting time. See you on Thursday August 25, 17:00 UTC!