Design chat summary for August 11

This is the design chat summary on August 11. (Slack log).

In attendance was: myself, @karmatosed, @mapk, @foliovision, @melchoyce, @afercia

  • @celloexpressions had requested for us to bring up #34923 during the chat. It’s a complex ticket, but hopefully it will get some eyes on.
  • During open Floor, @karmatosed shared a list of tickets that need attention:
    • #37384: Text alignment in options-discussion.php – @foliovision is gonna spend some time on this
    • #30599: media views: improve keyboard accessibility avoiding confusing tab stops – We came to the conclusion it doesn’t need ui feedback, it’s a purely accessibility issue
    • #32194: Post Locked Notification Dialog is not Responsive – @mapk found a bug in there and is opening up another ticket for it. @foliovision is also looking into it
    • #26605: Appearance of recent/future posts in dashboard looks off on mobile.
    • #27253: Enhancement Request: direct link to Drafts under Posts and Pages on the sidebar – I added a quick inspector mockup screenshot to the ticket to help visualize it.

We’ll be back next week on Thursday August 18th, 20:00 UTC!