Design chat summary for July 7

This is the design chat summary on July 7. (Slack log).

There were no other attendees this time.

  • @hugobaeta who was unable to make the meeting, sent an update on the 50 Shades of Grey project. You can find the codepen here.  He now has 100-900 list of dark greys to merge a few values (going from 19 individual color declarations to 9. The codepen with the color creation can be found here. This is great! He has asked if anyone wants to test, he has yet to work out context or tickets.
  • The about page for 4.6 is in full swing copy wise. There is a trac ticket #37246 everyone can follow, @hugobaeta is leading that charge there.
  • @swissspidy is asking for feedback on two tickets for Shiny Updates. #37230 and #37233, lets make sure he has some.

We’ll be back next week Thursday July 14th, 20:00 UTC!