Design Chat Summary for June 9

We had a meeting today and the archives can be found here.

Our agenda first up was to look at a request from @celloexpressions and we looked at #36785. Feedback is wanted on this. It’s worth mentioning due to time we didn’t get to the other things he would also like us to feedback on. If people have time over the week to look at #27404 and another look at #34923, that would be great.

The next topic was how can we ensure we don’t miss feedback for feature plugins. Whilst no decision was made, I suggested our meetings should help this – we only started them in this cycle and are working out how we do things. It’s important to know designer can do a review and more than one doing is beneficial early. Lets all get better about doing that as a team.

The rest of the meeting was taken up with Shiny Updates. This needs design reviewing and there is a post where feedback is currently being collected from reviews. You can add your reviews and see others’ comments here.

During the chat several people were diving in with comments and also reviewing. This saw a lot of commenting and resulted in a poll to see how we could suggest moving forward. The consensus was at this point, our recommendation would be to not include update-core.php and do a partial merge. The merge final decision meeting is Friday, June 10th 2016 at 11:00 MDT. If you are going to do a review, try and do by close tomorrow to give the team room for feedback.

There were no other items as we ran just over the hour.

That is all for this week and thanks to everyone that attended @hugobaeta will lead next week’s chat on Thursday June 9, 20:00 UTC!