Design Chat Summary for June 2

This is the summary from the Design Chat on June 2 (Slack log)

Attendees: @karmatosed, @mapk, @johnragozzine, @voldemortensen, @afercia


  • Design Chat, starting next week, is moving to Thursday June 9, 20:00 UTC – I’ve asked for the meetings page to be updated with the new time.
  • We discussed #35191 and it seems like the ticket will be divided into two: one about the tool tips, another about the visual changes to the table. @afercia mentioned he wants some more feedback on the link/text placement and wording, and that can happen in the existing ticket. So comment away!
  • That discussion spinned off (ha!) into a side conversation on the need to add a spinner to the shinny updates project, and how it’s important to keep consistent with the existing spinners in the admin.
  • I gave an update to the 50 Shades of Gray project. @voldemortensen helped me compile a list of colors, a total of 174 unique color declarations were found in the admin css. I’ve started organizing it in a codepen and the next step is to start making changes and then doing some QA (@johnragozzine offered to help with this) to make sure the changes are not messing anything up.
  • Open Discussion didn’t get any takers, so I shared an idea to replace Open Sans on the sites now that core is moving to system fonts. I made an exploration with a pairing of Source Sans Pro and Noto Serif on a codepen in an attempt to bring back a serif typeface to Feedback welcomed!

That is all for this week. Thanks to the attendees! @karmatosed will lead next week’s chat (on the new time slot) on Thursday June 9, 20:00 UTC!