Design Chat Summary for May 19

This is the summary from the Design Chat on May 19 (Slack log)

Attendees: @mapk, @voldemortensen, @melchoyce, @kenshino, @empireoflight, @isaackeyet, @zetaraffix, @celloexpressions, @westonruter, @obenland, @emanweb.


  • Shades of Gray – the never-ending story update
    With the help of @voldemortensen, who generated a list of admin colors for us, I was able to start compiling them in a list on codepen. The idea is to use this list to help visually merge some close values. We’ll need to also figure out context before we start opening tickets with patches to change the values.
  • #34893: Improve CustomizerCustomizer Tool built into WordPress core that hooks into most modern themes. You can use it to preview and modify many of your site’s appearance settings. setting validation model (slack log)
    @celloexpressions and @westonruter jumped in the chat to explain what is going on here. Essentially, the ticket adds the ability for customizer settings to provide feedback to the user when there are errors, warnings, or info that should be provided regarding the validity of a setting. There was a lengthy discussion about this, where it was decided to add a section outline and/or a field outline for affected fields with errors.
  • Shiny Updates Review
    @mapk and @obenland stepped in to share the progress of the project. Basically they need design reviews and testing testing testing!
  • Open Discussion
    • #34923 needs design feedback and testing
    • The redesign of came up, but the project is stalled (at least the community involvement is) since it’s an Automattic site.

Thanks to everyone who attended. @karmatosed will be leading the chat next week on Thursday May 26, 17:00 UTC!