Calling all designers

With a location and date officially announced for WordCamp US (Philadelphia, December 4th–6th), it’s time to start thinking about design for the event.

We’d like to include the entire WP community in this call for designers. If you’re interested, please continue reading:

Concept proposals

For those designers interested, we’d like to see a rough design proposal:

We’d like to see:

  1. Branding concept (logo, colors, typography for the event)
  2. Attendee badge design concept (dimensions: 4in x 3in)

NOTE: Please free to submit designs in whatever fidelity you have time for (from sketches to pixel perfect mockups).

Deadline for proposals
Aug 10, Noon (PDT)

To submit a proposal, please ping me privately on Slack (lessbloat is my username) including a link to your proposed design concepts.


When will I hear back?
We’d like to get started relatively quickly. Please give us a week or so to sort through proposals after the the 10th. Note: I will reply to everyone who submits a proposal (whether you’re selected or not).

What specific things would I be responsible for designing?
If you’re selected, you’d design the following:

  • Branding
  • Badges
  • Signage (to be used on location)
  • Website design
  • T-shirts/Swag

Will I be compensated for my work?
Unlike most other conferences that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend, WordCamps tries very hard to keep attendance fees at a bare minimum. We do this by relying heavily on our amazing volunteers. That said, while you won’t receive financial compensation, this is a high profile event, and your work will be seen by everyone in attendance.

Anything else I should consider?
It might be helpful to check out the design handbook, specifically the sections on identity, colors, and typography.

Additional questions?
Please feel free to ask additional questions in the comments below, in the #design Slack channel, or via a private ping to me in Slack (lessbloat). Thanks!