Dashicons 2/5 Notes

Slack Archive

We Discussed

  • SVG For Everybody was merged into github, the mockup can now be seen on IE9+
  • Debate over creating a core set of Dashicons, and leaving any icons not used by core in a downloadable pack.

Dashicons “core set” Discussion

Started from Michael’s comment about applying the core philosophies to dashicons. If we can narrow our focus on only the core icons, any improvements and changes only need to happen on this smaller subset of icons. For current dashicons users, creating your own icons in SVG should be simple- or they can download the SVG they want from somewhere.

There was a lot of reluctance from the developers in attendance, I think because we use those icons 🙂

We left off the discussion at this: for backwards compatibility it’ll be best to keep all dashicons in core. This may change as we move to implement this in core, it’ll depend how we handle backcompat.

Since we haven’t made any final decision, any extra discussion should happen on the github issue for grouping icons.

To Do

  • Note if/where icons are used on the google doc in this github issue.
  • Continue working on the mockup: refine the grunt tasks, browser test.

We’ll meet again next week, February 12, 2015 18:00 UTC.