Image Flow Update 5th February

Thanks everyone for attending the meeting today. Here’s what we discussed:

1. Prototype

  • Scenarios 1 and 5 are complete, and scenario 2 is nearly complete
  • @pabloperea has nearly completed the full width screen. There’s an issue with swipe on mobile which Roy is going to look into
  • @mor10 is going to start user testing scenarios 1 and 5

2. TinyMCE

We had a brief discussion about what happens to the image outside of the flow. TinyMCE isn’t the most fun to use on a mobile device and it has some jarring behaviours when you’re dealing with the image. @iseulde suggested that we keep track of any issues. These should be reported on trac.

3. Icons

@teamadesign has created a list of icons, which @empireoflight is going to run by the dashicons team.


  • @mor10 to start user testing scenarios 1 & 5
  • @royboy789 to fix swipe issues in prototype