Dashicons 1/29 Notes

Slack Archive

We discussed:

  • Merged the grunt task pull request.
  • Dropped in SVG For Everybody for IE support, works out-of-the-box for IE9+
  • IE7-8 will use PNG fallbacks, and we recommend just 2 color sets, a light and dark.
  • Subsetting Dashicons into groups based on use(?), ongoing discussion will take place on Github.
  • We also touched on creating new icons for 4.2, but new icons are not a priority

To do:

  • @ryelle will update the repo to use SVG For Everybody.
  • @michael-arestad‘s going to work on the grunt tasks; and rename the pngs as needed.
  • Once those things are done, anyone can work on browser testing 🙂

There’s also been work on the Dashicons style guide, so check that out & leave comments.

We’ll meet again next week, February 5, 2015 18:00 UTC.