Dashicons meeting notes

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The current goal is to move away from Dashicons as a web font and use an SVG sprite instead. This will be easier to contribute to, and easier to manage.

We discussed:

  • There’s a mockup on Github for anyone who wants to contribute, which still needs more work: https://github.com/ryelle/WP-Dashboard-SVG
  • The process for generating svgs: most vector editors support svg, so you can create/edit them directly. We want to stay with using Grunt to create the SVGs, and avoid using a 3rd party service.
  • A style guide for making new Dashicons.

To do:

  • The mockup still needs work for browser compat – @michael-arestad will add grunt tasks for optimization & fallback PNGs, @ryelle will work on the JS support for IE.
  • Style Guide for icons, as a page on make.wordpress.org/design, following training’s example. @melchoyce, @empireoflight & @liljimmi seemed most interested 🙂
  • Potentially create a walkthrough for creating/editing vectors in various programs (Illustrator, Inkscape, etc).

We’ll meet again next week, January 22, 2015 18:00 UTC .