Image Flow Meeting Notes – 8th January

Thanks everyone who attended the Image Flow meeting! It was a very full Google Hangout 🙂 Here’s what we discussed:

  • we did a quick roundup of the current members of the team, and introduced Konstantin and Stephane who are joining us
  • the prototype has been refactored into angular.js. Roy has also written an extensive readme.
  • if you’re planning on working on one of the flows just ping @teamadesign and he’ll assign it to you.
  • we’re working on a better project management process. We may just use Github. I’ll explore the different options with @samuelsidler when he gets back
  • we discussed having a user testing sub-team. This is going to be led by @mor10. when they start testing he will run weekly meetings and feed back actionable information to the development team.
  • @pabloperea is going to flesh out the gallery flows into full wireframes
  • we discussed doing a walkthrough of the current wireframes to get all of the new developers up to speed. We discussed doing a video of this. However, we could just do a hangout and record the hangout and post it.
  • @teamadesign is going to come up with a list of icons. I’ve spoken to @empireoflight about designing them for us 🙂

Here we are: