Image Flow Update 4th December

Thanks everyone for attending today’s image flow chat. Here’s what we discussed:

  • Wireframes@pabloperea went through the wireframes. The only concerns that we had were that:
    1. the metadata input area on the back of the images might not be big enough. We agreed that these should be about 80% width, with the background greyed out.
    2. that there is no easy way for a user to deselect an image once they have selected a number of pages and started managing them in bulk mode. We discussed making it so that the user can deselect from the list of images at the bottom
  • Prototype – we took a look at the prototype. @teamadesign has started to put together the first flow. Before we move on, Aris is going to look at whether the most recent Foundation update to see if that can streamline the process, and Sonja is going to lay out the flows using the images in the wireframes.


  • @teamadesign – investigate whether we can use the most recent update to Foundation to streamline the workflow
  • @sonjanyc – put together the different flows using the wireframes

In case you want to help/learn more:

Here’s the meeting: