Image Flow Update 21st November

Thanks everyone who attended the image flow meeting! First of all, we’ve moved the meeting to Thursdays 09:30 PST/ 17:30 UTC. We’re sticking with the Google Hangouts for now. When we get on to development we’ll start using Slack for meetings. On to the meeting!

1. Project Management

@samuelsidler is going to be helping out with project management for image flow. He talked a bit about the process. At the minute the project is quite small but once we start getting in to coding the feature there’ll be lots of different elements to deal with.

2. Prototype

@teamAdesign set up the prototype on Github. It uses Foundation. @sonjanyc is working on building a template for the model. Aris is going to go through and add all of the screens. If anyone is interested in helping out with the prototype please join us in Slack (#feature-imageflow). We’re going to work through individual flows and start testing them on users.

3. Wireframes

@pabloperea is finishing up the desktop wireframes. We discussed a few design decisions:

  • lose the left hand sidebar
  • try to show the full image in the grid
  • toolbar to the side of the screen in mobile landscape

4. Docs

@azaozz suggested in the Slack channel that a good exercise would be to document the backbone stuff in preparation for the development work that needs to be done on the project. We’re looking for volunteers.

Here’s the video: