Image Flow Update 21st October – Wireframe Discussion

We had a good meeting the frames and went over some of the community feedback we’ve received thus far. I’ll list out the basics here, the details are viewable in the video and you can watch the changes on InVision:

  • We’ll be removing the tabs above the media grid. Insert from URLURL A specific web address of a website or web page on the Internet, such as a website’s URL will live in the same screen as the upload image form. This will be accessible via an ‘Add New’ space at the beginning of the media grid. h/t @ryan @azaozz
  • We’ll be adding undo/redo buttons near the image in the edit mode.
  • The toolbar will live at the top of the screen on mobile, with a more consistent treatment of the image and options below the tools
  • We are going to simplify the selection process on mobile – our initial thought is to make a single click on an image proceed immediately to metadata/insert. Multi-select will be involve pressing the select icon, but we think we have a smoother process to make it happen.

We’ll have more frames ready to go by Friday. See all of you that can make it in San Francisco.

Full video: