Image Flow Update 29th August 2014

Thanks everyone who came to the meeting. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to catch up.

Goals and Objectives

We discussed the goals and objectives of the project. We agreed that, rather than tinkering around the edges, the project should be focusing on a complete overhaul of image editing, with a focus on usability.

@mor10 asked questions in the chat room which we discussed.

What role does the Image Editor play in the regular process of adding images to posts and pages? And more specifically, what functionality should the user reasonably expect to be available from the image editor out of the box?

We’re aiming for tighter integration of the image editing tools with the image upload workflow. At the minute they feel very separate. The user should expect limited functionality out of the box.

Where is the Image Editor positioned in the user workflow? Does it belong in the modal itself? Does it belong in a separate modal like it does now?

We envisage this being in the modal.

What image editing functions belong under a separate “Edit Image” tab and what functions may be better placed elsewhere, either in the image modal or in the content editor itself?

Basic image editing in the modal and advanced options elsewhere.

Labels and Terminology

Pablo created a labels and terminology document. If anyone wants to review it you can add to the list of the takeaways on the right of the spreadsheet.


We’ve added some mockups to the folder. We’re spending another week working on these.

Other stuff:

  • investigate including image replacement functionality (see:
  • I’m going to investigate whether we can get a gratis gitter chat room 🙂