Image Flow Meeting 15th August

Thanks everyone who attended the meeting. You can watch it here:

We discussed:

User interviews

We agreed that we want to move on from the user interviews next week. These all need to be written up, so we agreed that the following people would take responsibility for one each:

  • Sonja: Anny:
  • Siobhan: Shannon:
  • Daniel: Darren:
  • Aris: Mary:

@mor10 has created a document for the findings. @mor10 can you please add any sections/ questions you think ought to be looked at/answered by Sunday evening. Everyone else will be documenting the interviews from Monday.

Everyone else – please have them written up by Thursday so that ppl have time to read them before the meeting.

User workflow

@teamAris has created a user workflow diagram that maps out the image upload/editing workflow to help us identify specific points where there are problems in the workflow.

The aim for next week is to have the user interviews written up so we can move on to working out ideal workflows.