Image Editing UX Research: Personas

I was meeting with @siobhan last week to work on creating initial personas for Image Editing in WordPress. We came up with 6 main personas with different skill levels, goals and frustrations (for details see link below):

  1. Novice Blogger
  2. Experienced Blogger
  3. Photoblogger
  4. Mobile Photoblogger
  5. Multi-author Blog Editor
  6. Tutorial Writer

We’ve put together a Google Doc for these personas and I’m sure we’ll refine it in the course of the next weeks, possibly add another persona or so: Google Doc Personas

We’re thinking of providing a form for others to fill out to collect more data and to learn more about user’s image editing workflows, pain points and expectations.

We’ve also put together a list of general user flows/tasks around Image Adding and Editing that will help us account for how people are using the image editing tools. Please share any additional flows/tasks you feel are missing in the comments below. (Google Doc Flows/Tasks)

Adding/Editing Images

  • User uploads individual image and inserts into post
  • User edits image after insertion into post
  • User uploads individual image and edits prior to inserting into post
  • User uploads multiple images and wants to bulk edit images
  • User uploads multiple images and wants to edit single image
  • User uploads multiple images, inserts into post, and positions images in post editor
  • Editor edits images uploaded by another user

Specific Editing Tasks

  • User crops an image
  • User rotates an image
  • User flips an image
  • User rotates an individual image
  • User wants to individually rotate multiple images
  • User wants to bulk rotate images
  • User resizes an image by presets
  • User resizes an image to custom size
  • User wants to bulk resize images
  • User undos / redos editing steps
  • User deletes an image
  • User wants to bulk delete multiple images

Adding/Editing Photo Galleries

  • User uploads multiple images to create photo gallery
  • User creates gallery from selecting images in media library
  • User edits images in existing gallery in post
  • User wants to chose from different gallery templates / grids

We deliberately kept this exercise high level without creating any wireframes or mockups yet. I feel it’s important to understand the users and what they want to do first before we dive in.

Next steps are to document the current workflows and pain points. We also want to look at other image editing solutions and what we can learn from those.

We would love to hear your feedback!

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