Image Editing Weekly Meeting

We’re going to kick off weekly meetings for image editing next week. They’ll be at 18:00 UTC Friday, starting Friday 18th July. That’s:

  • 20:00 Amsterdam
  • 19:00 London
  • 14:00 East Coast US
  • 12:00 Mountain Time
  • 11:00 Pacific

It’s after the media component meeting.

We’re going to experiment with using Google Hangouts instead of IRC for the meeting. I’ll post the link to the chatroom here about 10 minutes beforehand. Google Hangouts allow for 10 maximum for a hangout. That should suffice for the time being. Other people can attend and ask questions if we get full.

We have a Gitter chat room set up for ongoing communication.

[Update: I got the time wrong for the media component meeting – we’ll have our meeting after theirs :)]

#image-editing, #image-flow