Feature Plugin: Improving Image Editing

Image editing in WordPress isn’t fun. It’s possible, but it isn’t fun. Bringing image editing into the media modal was pretty awesome. Now people can edit images from the modal (yay!) but they also realise how frustrating that image editing experience is (boo 🙁 ).

WordPress is not an image editing platform, but we do offer some minimal image editing tools and, since they’re there, they should be intuitive instead of anger inducing.

Image editing is an area that’s ripe for improvement, so we are proposing an image editing feature plugin to see how we can improve things.

At the WordCamp Seattle contributor day, myself, @sonjanyc, @mor10 and @DH-Shredder started some discussions about how we can improve the image editing experience in WordPress. Below is what we discussed:

What we want to provide to users

  • a set of simple image editing tools that just work (crop, rotate, scale)
  • image editing tools that integrate better with image uploading workflows
  • image editing tools that are easy to access
  • an interface that is extensible so that plugin developers can create advanced image editing which can be easy integrated

We discussed the process for the way forward with the project:
1. Creating personas and workflows
2. Conducting interviews with user types (photoblogger, food blogger, tutorial writer, multi-author blog editor, etc)
3. Looking at how other platforms provide image editing functionality
4. UI mockups
5. Design
6. Coding
7. Testing

Tickets related to image editing

And here are some mockups that were done around 3.5 from @lessbloat

If anyone would like to be involved in this project, please let us know. We have a Skype group and we can start kicking off weekly meetings, either in IRC or Google Hangouts. It’s in the very early stages and we’re planning to take things slowly since we all have other commitments, but we can get things moving more quickly if with more involvement.

Here are some things you could help out with:

  • conducting user interviews and writing up the research
  • researching other platforms, writing it up, providing screenshots
  • mocking up workflows
  • mocking up the UI
  • designing the interface
  • coding like a boss
  • coding like a backbone boss
  • user testing
  • feedback, insight, rants, cheerleading

You can email me to be added to the Skype group or let us know in the comments

#feature-plugins, #image-editing, #image-flow