Front-end Editor Meeting 11 February

It’s been three weeks since the last update, so I’ll quickly go over some of the things that I added to the plugin since then. @samuelsidler asked me to post a bit more regularly, so I’ll publish an update after every meeting on Tuesday. Here are the logs for last week’s meeting and today’s. The next meeting will be Tuesday, 18 February 2014, 17:00 UTC in #wordpress-ui.

  • Changing the format of a post changes the relevant post and body classes, so you can now preview the theme’s styles for that format. I’d like to do something similar for categories and tags. See #2116.
  • The page now refreshes when updating the post and the messages you get at the back-end will appear. Some of these should probably be changed to make sense on the front-end though. These messages fade out after 5 seconds. I’ve used the same styles that are used on the back-end, because they seems to stand out quite well, and it’s consistent.
  • The location of the title is detected better, it should now work with most themes.
  • In the ‘meta’ modal, all the meta boxes are now listed under each other to fill up empty space. I left the shortcuts in the sidebar though, and shortcuts to the category and tag section in the admin bar. While this layout works great on mobile, it’s still a bit empty on wide screens. One solution may be columns, another making the modal smaller in width.
  • I try to give inline access to the modal based on commonly used classes/attributes/tags. E.g. an HTML time tag or published class links to the date and time section, a tag and category rel attribute link to their sections.
  • TinyMCE now comes with tooltips and they’ve been added to the back-end, so I’ve added them to the front-end as well. Buttons outside TinyMCE also have tooltips to have some consistency.
  • Autosave is now implemented (both to the browser and server), but this is done by modifying the core files and including them in the plugin. Autosave.js will need to be updated in core so it is flexible enough to use on the front-end.
  • Going to the revisions browser from the front-end and restoring one will now bring you back to the front-end.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 15.04.02

Coming soon:

  • Post locking.
  • TinyMCE modals styled just like the media and meta modal. See also #26952 for core.
  • A link plugin like the one on the back-end.
  • A working adminbar for small screens.

If you’d like to help, you could join our Skype chat by adding jannekevandorpe and mentioning the Front-end Editor and taking a look at the tickets listed on the plugins Trac.