Front-end Editor #2

I apologise for disappearing like that, but here’s a small update for the front-end editor!
Just as a reminder, the link to the previous post, the plugin and the GitHub repo.

We need your help!

Here’s a list of some of the things that need to be done. Currently it’s just a draft and it will probably expand over time. I’ll start tackling them one by one, but if you’d like to take one of them, or if you have suggestions, let me know. Also feel free to fork the plugin, transform it with your thoughts and share the results!

There will be a meeting Monday, 11 November, 16:00 UTC on the WordPress UI IRC channel, and I’ll definitely be there. If you’re interested, please join! Or leave a comment if you can’t make it.

I’ll try to publish a post every week with the progress we’ve made.