DASH Update

Accomplished this week

1) I updated our planning spreadsheet.

2) We held our weekly IRC chat last Tuesday. @joen shared:

Along with the following thoughts:

  • Far right column is for mini widgets. The added whitespace adds balance, centers the middle columns. Is reminiscent of the “Publish” box on the Write section.
  • We pulled back on the ambitions of the activity stream (for 3.8). We still have high hopes of filling out the activity stream with valuable information in a later release.
  • Hooks would be added to the top, middle, and bottom of the activity stream to make it immediately pluggable.

This mockup solicited the following feedback:

  • Maybe play with a splash of color?
  • Maybe try light or regular font-weight for the big header at the top?
  • Let’s experiment with rotating through different languages/idioms for the header text: aloha, Bienvenido, etc…
  • How about “Site Content” instead of “Right Now”?
  • Can we remove the # of widgets in “Site Content” area?
  • Maybe try one header area with “Recent Activity”, and two sub areas with sub headers, “Publishing Soon”, and “Recent Comments”?

3) Joen shared the following mockup in our Skype chat:

4) I uploaded an updated combined news feed patch. Please test this patch out if you have time, or dive in for a code review.

5) I riffed off of Joen’s latest mockup, and came up with:

Up next

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