MP6 2.0

Heya! It’s been again over a month since the last MP6 release and this version comes with some new goodness.


As usual, we made some UI improvements and fixed a few bugs. Shadows are now fewer and consistent, buttons are flatter, font sizes are more consistent, metaboxes are simpler and lighter and a couple of other improvements. You can see the full changelog here →


We decided on recommendations for custom icons in plugins/themes, you can read more about this and have a look at some examples are in this GitHub repository. Be default MP6 does now hide all images in admin menu item and replaces them with a generic default icon.

Method C, using a SVG as CSS background image, works thanks to the new JavaScript SVG painter, which re-colors base64 encoded SVGs on the fly. It might not catch all SVG color markup right away, if that’s the case, please post a link your SVG file in the comments.

Color Schemes

We bundled this release with 4 additional admin color schemes. You can choose them under “Your Profile”. There are probably more color schemes to come.

MP6 color schemes as made with SASS, because LESS didn’t handle default variable values. A color scheme can be as simple as this, or it could define a few extra colors for better readability. If you’re making your own color scheme, make sure you include MP6’s core color scheme file.

Another Note

If you want to check if MP6 is activated, use the MP6 PHP constant. In CSS use mp6 body class, not admin-color-mp6, I’m looking at you Jetpack.

MP6 2.0 includes contributions from Joen Asmussen, Mel Choyce, Ben Dunkle, Kelly Dwan and myself.

And as always, thanks to those of you who tested, reported bugs and contributed ideas and suggestions! Keep them coming!

The next weekly open meeting in #wordpress-ui will be Monday, September 2 at 18:00 UTC.

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