Dashboard Plugin Update

Progress is slow but steady in dashboard plugin land. Here’s a recap of our activity for the past week:

IRC chat notes

We held our first IRC chat on Tuesday in #wordpress-ui.

  • Rather than remove both RSS widgets from core, we decided to combine them into one.
  • Transform “QuickPress” into “QuickDraft”, putting the focus on drafting new ideas quickly seemed to be a hit.
  • We are going to play with the idea of merging QuickDraft and the “Recent Drafts” widget.
  • Removing the “columns” screen option is likely something we just need to play with. If we can get the implementation right, it could be a nice win I think.
  • We dropped the “QuickLinks” widget idea. This can stay in plugin territory for now.
  • We all liked the idea of rethinking the “Right Now” widget. @Joen is going to lead the work on this one.
  • If we get everything else nailed down in time, we may dig into the design for an “Admin activity” widget focussing specifically on collaboration.

I updated the planning spreadsheet to account for these changes.

Accomplished this week

I started work on a patch to combine “Other WordPress News” and “WordPress Blog” over on #19239. Code reviews/thoughts are welcome and much appreciated.

@joen shared an initial mockup in the IRC chat on Tuesday:

And has since worked on a couple more based on feedback:

Which would work something like this:

Up next

  • We need your help. Especially developers interested in working on this stuff. The QuickDraft widget work looks to be a fun one to work on. Please ping me on IRC if you’re interested.
  • We’ll hold another IRC chat this coming Tuesday at Tuesday, September 3rd, 2:00pm UTC in #wordpress-ui.
  • We’ll be starting up a persistent Skype chat group to discuss all things “dashboard plugin”, ping me if you want in, even if just to lurk. All are welcome.